109mm 1.5-Gram Pre-Roll Cone - Refined White [100 per case]

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PRE-ROLL WEIGHT, Case Size, Paper Type, Filter, Shape, Best For, Length,


1.5 Grams
Case Size:
100 Cones Per Case
Paper Type:
Refined White
26mm Crutch
Best For:
1.5 Gram (Fatties)

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109mm 1.5-Gram Pre-Roll Cone - Refined White [100 per case]
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1.5 Gram Pre-Rolled Cones - Refined White

Spark a 1.5 Gram Fatty with the 109mm Refined White Cones with Extra Large Crutch!

The 1.5-Gram Refined White Pre-Rolled Cone looks a lot like its other 109mm counterparts, but this cone's extra-large 8mm crutch allows for that extra half gram of flower that takes this cone from ordinary to extraordinary. Great for a communal session at a family gathering or a solo smoke that will bring you back at least a couple times before you burn it down--either way you can't lose!

Perfect for Glass Tube Packaging

When you have such a big pre-roll on your hands, you want to show it off! That makes the 1.5 Gram Refined White Pre-Rolled Cone perfect for glass tube packaging, so you show to customers just exactly how big a task they have ahead of them. The extra-large 1.5-gram size is extraordinary and all the more reason to trumpet your exceptional product with a proper glass tube showcase.

Extra Large Crutch

While this cone is 109mm in length, the extra-large 8mm crutch gives it the volume to pack an extra half gram than the typical 109mm full-gram cones. The additional girth creates an impressive sight that is remarkable and noteworthy because the bigger size is easy to notice. For a comparison, most 109mm pre-roll crutches are about 4mm, so approximately half the girth.

Holds 1.5 Grams of Flower

Spark a big bone with the 1.5-gram 109mm refined white pre-rolled cone. It is perfect for those holiday hooters that need to make it around a big circle. The refined white paper delivers a smooth draw and even burn for all to enjoy. The larger size creates the perfect party favor that is certain to draw comments and praise from family and friends.