2022 Top Pre-Rolls by State

2022 Top Pre-Rolls by State

Posted by Sesh Team on Jun 3rd 2022

The U.S. cannabis industry is complex. Every state has their own rules and regulations and operates just a little bit different from each other. As of June 2022, 20 states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis for recreational purposes - nearly half of the United States has legalized the recreational use of our favorite plant! 

Because of regulations that makes expansion into different states difficult, you'll find many brands and growers that you won't find in any other state. A Washington dispensary will have a completely different menu than a dispensary in Illinois, and both will have completely different brands available than in Montana! 

Because states are required to track their products from seed to sale, we are able to capture plenty of unique state-by-state data, like consumer preferences and trends. Pre-rolls are consistently a top-selling product category, representing almost 19% of the Canadian market and 10% of the American market.

Pre-rolls have a low price point and they’re convenient, just two of the reasons why consumers are drawn to them. You can even get creative and pair your favorite strains with rich flavors like cocoa, hibiscus , or sage. Pre-rolls also come with little commitment, unlike whole flower purchases. It’s a great way to try out new strains and brands without blowing your entire budget.

Let's take a look at which brands are most popular on the shelf at each state.


GOOD Cannabis - Durban Poison 1-Gram Pre-Roll

Alaskans are keeping it classic with Durban Poison as their favorite pre-roll. GOOD Cannabis uses a Dutch crown on these pre-rolls, also called a folded top. Instead of twisting the excess paper, it’s folded. The Dutch crown is considered a more premium look. Watch this video to learn how to make your own folded top!

Durban Poison is an uplifting sativa strain that will leave you feeling energetic and alert.


Khalifa Kush 1-Gram Pre-Roll

Cannabis consumers love to be adventurous and try new things (that’s why Sesh carries products like goji berry blunt wraps), but the classic Khalifa Kush from Wiz Khalifa’s signature line was Arizona’s favorite pre-roll in December 2021.

Khalifa Kush has a strong lemon, earthy, and pine taste and the strain’s genetics were hand-picked by Wiz Khalifa himself.


Baby Jeeter - Blue Zkittlez Infused 2.5 Gram Pre-Roll (5-Pack)

Two million Jeeters are smoked every month in California, and it’s the fastest growing brand in the pre-roll category - claiming over 40% of California’s market share. The Jeeters brand claims 8 out of 10 spots in Headset’s top 10 best-selling pre-rolls in California, as of May 2022, for an average price of $32.79.

California loves infused pre-rolls, every product in Headset’s list was infused. Blue Zkittlez is an indica-leaning hybrid, crossed with Zkittlez and Blue Diamond. It’s the perfect variety for people with high stress, poor sleep, and pain.


NectarBee - Slim 0.5 Gram Pre-Roll

Colorado consumers are keeping it simple with NectarBee’s slim preroll as their fan favorite. Headset doesn’t have data listed about the strain consumers are preferring from Nectar, but it’s not infused or enhanced in any way. When you’re in the largest weed market in the world with all of the options to choose from - sometimes it’s best to stick to the classics.

It’s just your standard half-gram slim pre-roll, selling for an average of $3.75 each. No complaints here. We’re fans of the simple things too, Colorado.

District of Columbia

Curio - Kaviar Sativa 1.5-Gram Pre-Roll

D.C. consumers can’t get enough of the Kaviar Sativa pre-roll by Curio Wellness. It’s full of beta-caryophyllene and tests at a whopping 38% THC. This pre-roll is infused with CO2 oil and kief. It comes with a luxurious glass tip for the most premium smoking experience.

This pre-roll isn’t the one to choose if you’re on a budget. One dispensary sells them for $36 each. But if you’re looking for an ultra-enhanced and uplifted experience: you can’t go wrong with Kaviar Sativa.


Lowell Smokes - The Happy Hybrid 3.5 Gram, 10-Pack of Pre-Rolls

When you’re one of the most expensive recreational markets in the entire country, it makes sense to buy in bulk. Illinois is a fan of Lowell’s 10-pack of 3.5 gram mini pre-rolls. Consumers report a euphoric, long-lasting, and laid back high.

Lowell Smokes is one of the most popular cannabis brands in the U.S., headquartered in California. The brand is known for providing a luxurious smoking experience, as exhibited by their classy packaging. If you’re a sucker for sophistication - throw a glass or wooden tip in your next joint!


Lazy River Products - Sangria 1-Gram Pre-Roll

The Sangria strain first hit the cannabis scene in Northern California, but quickly became a classic around the nation. Sangria was bred through crossing Forbidden Fruit, In The Pines, and Pineapple Thai.

The name Sangria isn’t random, the aroma is filled with “razor sharp notes of passion fruit & ripe guava supported by deep waves of pineapple, candied mandarin oranges, and a spilled glass of Pinot Noir,” according to the breeders. Sangria is refreshing and uplifting, providing an energetic, focused, and happy high every single time.


Dancing Goat Gardens - Blue Dream 0.5-Gram Pre-Roll

There’s just something cannabis consumers love about classic, feel-good strains like Blue Dream. The half-gram Blue Dream pre-rolls by Dancing Goat Gardens is a favorite among Montana consumers. Recreational cannabis sales in Montana started in January this year!

Blue Dream is a sativa-leaning hybrid strain, made by crossing Haze and Blueberry. You might taste hints of mango, It produces strong cerebral effects and a potent body buzz. No wonder half-gram pre-rolls are the most popular choice!


Fumeur - Green Crack 1-Gram Pre-Roll

The 1 gram Green Crack pre-roll by Fumeur is the top-selling pre-roll in Nevada, per Headset’s last update. This strain brings energetic, happy, and focused effects, filled with the terpenes linalool and caryophyllene oxide. You’ll taste a sweet, fruity flavor with earthy notes. Mango and citrus are the most widely reported flavors Green Crack fans taste.

Also - you can easily recreate Nevada’s favorite pre-roll at home with Sesh’s 1-gram cones! Green Crack is a classic strain and is likely available in every legal state.

New Jersey

SunMed Growers - Strawberry Shortcake 0.5 Gram 2-Pack

Recreational cannabis sales in New Jersey just started about a month before we wrote this, so there’s not much data there. But, cannabis patients in New Jersey love the half-gram 2-pack of Strawberry Shortcake pre-rolls by SunMed Growers.

As you might expect, Strawberry Shortcake boasts strawberries and cream flavors, just like the real dessert. Strawberry Shortcake is a cross between White Wookie and The White. This indica comes with a strong strawberry flavor that provides a euphoric, blissful effect.

New Mexico

Pecos Valley Production - Blue Tahoe 0.5 Gram Pre-Roll

Blue Tahoe is an indica-leaning hybrid. It’s a cross between Blueberry and unique genetics from the breeder, Tahoe OG. Blue Tahoe is said to taste like candy, which might be why it’s a favorite in New Mexico. There are also notes of blueberries.

If it were us - we’d pair this blueberry-flavored strain with a half-gram goji berry blunt wrap, but the flower’s flavors are just fine on their own. Consumers report feeling uplifted, focused, giggly, and happy after smoking New Mexico’s favorite pre-roll.


Meraki Gardens - Sneeze 1 Gram Pre-Roll

Sativa, anyone? Oregon’s top-selling pre-roll as of May 2022 is Meraki Gardens’ 1 gram Sneeze pre-roll. It retails for an average of $4.95, according to Headset. It’s a sativa variety, and it’s known to be a bit of a creeper.

It’s a cross between Colorado Cough and Tom Hill Haze, two classic strains Colorado consumers have come to love. Expect earthy and sour fruity flavors from this strain. Sneeze will energize your mind and encourage creativity, all with a fruity and earthy taste.


Phat Panda - 1 Gram OG Chem Pre-Roll

As the largest cannabis producer in Washington, it’s no surprise that the top-selling pre-roll comes from Phat Panda. OG Chem is a Phat Panda original and holds a special place in the heart of the Washington cannabis market.

Consumers report tasting a sour fruit and slight chemical flavor. Bred by crossing Chem Dog with OG Kush, this sativa-dominant hybrid is known to provide a euphoric boost in mood as well as artistic inspiration.

Enhancing Your Experience

Sometimes, pre-rolled joints just don’t have what you’re looking for. Maybe the strain is right, but the size is wrong. Or the size is right, but the strain is wrong. Pre-rolled joints have different tips, filters, sizes, shapes, and even flavors to complement your every smoke sesh, so you can easily tailor your smoking experience. Play around with different strains in different pre-roll types - out cocoa king cones are great for bringing out the taste of the terpenes in robust indica strains or peppery hybrids. The bright citrus taste of our goji cones pairs perfectly with citrusy sativa strains - or if you want the taste of the cannabis alone to star the show, our white rice paper cones provide the most tasteless vessel we offer. And if you're interested in elevating your smoke sesh to the next level of luxury, check out our glass-tipped tubes!

With pre-rolls consistently being the number-one purchased product from legal dispensaries, it's interesting to take a look at which pre-roll companies are successful in different markets across the US, and what makes each of them successful. Do you have a favorite pre-roll? Let us know!