Pre-rolled Blunts

Sesh Pre Rolled Blunts

If you prefer the slow smoke and rich flavor of a blunt-style product, Sesh pre rolled blunts come in a wide array of types like hemp wrap blunts, natural palm-leafs, and botanical blunt wraps like Cocoa, Sage, HibiscusNatural Hemp and Goji Berry blunts. Pre-rolled blunts deliver a more relaxed and luxurious feeling to the smoking experience and command a higher price point at retail. Designed by pre-roll joint smokers, for pre-roll joint smokers.™ Each jar comes with 50 fresh, airtight seal to preserve the moisture content within holding jar.

Sesh blunt wrap cones are sustainably sourced, Vegan, and available in a All natural Hemp, Goji Berry, Cocoa, Hibiscus and Sage.

Sesh Blunt cones wraps are available in 2 sizes: 84mm, and 109mm.

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Pre-rolled Blunts

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