Pre-rolled Cones

Sesh Pre Rolled Cones

Carefully crafted in Europe, our paper-making techniques come from generations before. Sesh pre-rolled paper cones are designed with precision, using sustainably raw materials sourced from the finest artisan paper producers in the world. All of Sesh pre-roll cones are ultra-fine and contain little to no excess material. Translation: Your herb shines through, you smoke less paper, allowing for a smooth, even, controlled burn. Designed by pre-roll joint smokers, for pre-roll joint smokers.™ Each jar comes with 50 fresh, airtight seal to preserve the moisture content within holding jar.

Sesh Cones are Unbleached and Chlorine Free, and available in: Organic Hemp, Natural (unbleached-raw), and Ulra-fine Rice.

Sesh Pre-rolled cones are available in 5 sizes: 70mm, 84mm, 98mm-Slim, 98mm-Classic, and 109mm.

Pre-rolled Cones

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