Sesh Portable Metal Grinder - Black

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Sesh 3 Chamber Premium Grinder

Portable Metal Grinder With Kief Scoop

Sesh grinders are crafted from high-grade aluminum to provide a clean grind every time. The sharp teeth on top of the grinder easily cuts through even the freshest, sticky bud. The resulting ground flower is aerated for a smooth smoke and perfect to pack into your favorite Sesh pre-roll cone or blunt wrap. The 3-chamber design allows you to collect kief in the bottom chamber, with a kief scoop included for easy kief collection! The non-stick metal keeps your grinder from collecting kief and other material in the threads, sure to give you a smooth grind time and time again. This grinder is built to last and ready to keep up with your every smoke sesh!

Sesh blue grinder disassembled to show each component
Sesh Black Metal Grinder

Multiple Colors

The Sesh Aluminum portable grinder comes in a variety of colors. Lightweight and easy to take on the go, this grinder is perfect for any sesh. You can even be creative and mix and match different colors with other people in your sesh!

Sesh Black Metal Cannabis Herb Material Grinder

The Perfect Grind

Sesh’s portable metal grinder features razor sharp and specifically designed diamond teeth that shred through material with ease. The teeth are spaced out to give the plant room to shred without being crushed. While the plant is falling through the middle chamber, the screen catches the shredded material and sifts the kief through to the bottom chamber.

Sesh Black portable metal grinder

Versatile & Built To Last

This grinder is perfect for people who love to roll, and makes those bowls smoke just that much better! Using this grinder over hand rolling saves you time, helps your material smoke smoother, and keeps your smoke sesh just that much better!