About Us


We started Sesh with one goal in mind: to bring people together to have fun, relax, and enjoy a good sesh, in addition to creating a culture of education through science and technology. Although the legal recreation cannabis industry is growing every day, there is still a lot of stigma to undo – and at Sesh, we believe that the best way to de-stigmatize is to educate.

The cannabis community is full of different personalities and people of different walks of life, but if there is one thing that could unite us all, it’s a decent smoke sesh. With glazy eyes and hazy smiles, cannabis helps relieve some of the daily pressures and makes it easier to connect. Imagine how much happier the world would be if everyone slowed down and smoked a joint!

Traditionally, stoner culture is to roll one up and pass it around. But if there is anything that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, it’s that sharing a j might not always be the best idea. Born amidst the pandemic, Sesh wanted to make it easier for friends to get back together and share a smoke sesh while allowing everyone to easily pack their own cones to smoke individually. Not to mention that rolling a joint by hand is hard work! Packing a cone is a lot less intimidating for a lot of people who still want to make their own pre-roll and enjoy the experience.

We want to give you a toke for every occasion – from paper cones to blunts, we try to have a little something for everyone, no matter their smoking preferences.

We are committed to offering products made from high-quality ingredients and responsible sources in order to provide the smoothest toke possible.

Our headquarters are located in the heartland of the American cannabis industry – the Pacific Northwest. We are nestled in the suburbs of Seattle in a little city called Kent.

Our team is full of stoners with a passion for cannabis and the drive to share their passion with the world. The enthusiasm, innovation, and dedication of this team drives us forward, with new ideas, products, and improvements coming in on the daily.